Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Irony

In today's Coastal Crit, I won my first prime....a GC for a large pizza and 2 drinks...I'm lactose intolerant.

Meanwhile teammate Jimmy Parrott did Anniversary shopping during the race and picked up primes for his wife, Jessica. During his solo flyer, he picked up 3 primes: 1. Pink Tifosi Sunglasses 2. Boat Cruise out of Rudee Inlet and 3. 1 night stay at a VB hotel.

I ended up doing 2 races - 40+ and CAT4. In the 40+ my contact fell out on the first lap and stuck to my sunglasses. The officials "gave" me a free lap to stop and put it back in. I could have taken 10 free laps. I got back in and got dropped 1/2 thru the race. I think I finished last of the finishers with the ones that abandoned were the 50+ guys that just finished hammering in the previous race.
The 4 race was much slower, 24.5ish average, which is crawling for this course. There was a nice break of 10 riders 1/2 thru the race and I thought it would stick but they didn't seem to work together and the chase group managed to bridge it back up with about 10 to go. Jimmy then took his solo suicide flyer (and grabbed all those nice primes) but was caught with 1 to go. It came down to a pack sprint with SuperDork taking the win. I ended up nabbing a 12th.
Quick healing to Fat Frogs Chris "get a new chain" Rosen and visiting MABRA junior Stephen Kendall who both went down on separate incidents during the 4 race.

A BIG thanks to Coastal Racing for putting on one of the best races this year. FREE Food, music, and alot of prizes. There was pizza (none for me), bagels, breakfast treats (KK doughnuts), bananas, water and gatorade. Plus there was a DJ spinning some tracks. Those tri clubs sure can throw a party (roadie teams/clubs take note).

That's it for me for the road scene this year. Next "race" is the Beach Bum classic "triathlon" which is part of next week's ECSC. 1 mile beach run, 3 mile beach cruiser-only bike leg and a 1k meter longboard paddle with alot of beer drinking after the race festivities.