Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Back to Blogging

As "Video Killed the Radio Star" (Buggles, circa '79), so did Facebook kill my blogging entries. Race report, ride reports and non-cycling life were plastered on Facebook for all my "friends" to read. Posting a sentence or two on FB to summarize my ride or what I had for dinner was easier than blogging. Also just a few fellow cyclists (mostly from Gamjams or the 757 region) family and the occasional ex-girlfriend would read my blog posts anyway. With FB, it reached all my "friends" whether they like it or not.

But what really motivated me back into blogging was the hearing of the recent passing of a fellow cyclists who I enjoyed reading his blogs on his races and adventures. He was an excellent photographer who posted his cycling photos for us spandex clad wearing cyclists to view. Going through my entries of years past, I have posted more than a few pictures of me caught from his lens. I enjoyed racing against him and found him on more than several occasions as a great person to draft and sit-in as I try to recover during a race.
With hearing the news of JB, I spent a few hours rereading his blog. As we were racing the same CAT 5 races and cross races years ago, it was great to read his views of the races we both entered. It was great memories captured by pictures and words.

So for all you readers that happen to hit this blog because you saw it on Gamjams, saw it FB or are a stalking ex, I will make an attempt to get this blog active again.

With my attempt at focusing on triathlons this year, I'll update this blog on my swim, bike and run training sessions and races. Who knows, maybe one day someone will go back and read my blog and think of all the great memories we had a chance to share together. Thanks JB.