Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tuesday Pungo Death Ride

The goal is to make it past Blackwater before falling off the back. Last week I made it almost down to the firestation. Hopefully we won't have the wind as a factor today(which seemed like a headwind no matter which direction we went).

There was a good showing for the 1st Death Ride of the season last week. The usuals tried to rip off everyone's legs (Tim, Bill @ Tripower, Casey guys, etc). AAB had a good showing up on the lead group too. After the first 10 miles, the groups were established and straglers picked up by following groups. I held onto Angie's (Casey) wheel on her tri bike for awhile but they dropped me around Baum. I got picked up by Orlando's foursome minutes after that. Otherwise I would have ended up in NC since I had no idea where I was. It was getting dark coming towards the finish and some impatient mom in a minivan attempted to pass Joe C. while another car was approaching on the oncoming lane and almost forced him into a ditch on Centreville right before the shop.

Post ride report coming later.

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Kevin said...

That map can come in handy!