Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tour de P-Town

Hung out in P-town to ride around the 1 mile course through beautiful historic Olde Town. Home of the Commodore Theatre. The only theatre I'd go since they don't allow cell phones and it's a dinner theatre so you don't have someone kicking your seat. But that still doesn't stop someone talking back at the screen.
OK, back to racing.
Beautiful day for a race - some wind to cool you down but not enough to hide from it. Bands were playing as part of the Todi music fest, smell of funnel cakes and the happy yells of kids playing on the 20' inflatable slide.
Got there early to watch the 30/40+ Masters race. Good thing Randy is taking his time with my upgrade because I would have been shot out the back with this field that was mostly a 1/2/3 race. I only counted a handful of 4's out of 30+ that lined up. This race was won by Dave Fuentes who I think was the guy that lapped the P/1/2/3 field at this event last year.
Onto the CAT 4 race. There was an early break but nothing stuck until about 10 laps left when a break of about 12 took off. Among them were Manimal and Fishsticks, the two young guys on the team. Manimal got a 3rd and Fish picked up a 11th as the break stuck. Steve probably needs another top 3 finish to get enough points for a 3. CAT 5 to a 3 in under 10 races - not bad. Oh yeah, I'm glad Randy is taking his time on my upgrade because that looked like a brutal race too. Alot of guys OTB on this one.
Onto the my race. I found myself the solo AAB rider again with no teammates (c'mon Randy - CAT me up). The race started off nothing to eventful except some guys were tooling around on the front of the field as the lead guy was trying to get someone off his wheel and almost caused a crashed. It was pretty much an indication of things to come for the race. There was one or two attempts on a break but nothing stuck. I told my buddy Jimmy (5th) to keep an 'eye' out for AJ (4th). I told him to stay on his wheel. I told him he'll be easy to find because of his 'eye' tatoos. I also mention to watch out for Cory (BAR points leader). Him and AJ like to try to get away with about 1/4 of race left. They waited until the last lap this race.
There were a couple of sketchy moments especially on the backstrech. I though for sure a guy about 3rd wheel was going down but managed to save it. It looked like he over-corrected because nobody touched him. That would have been ugly because we were all bunched up at this point. The worst part was the final lap where there was a bunch of "woaahs" and "sh*t" being yelled. I had AJ's leaing on my seat at one point and got some elbows on my other hip during the "pave" section. I was waiting to hear that metal on pavement at anytime. Fireman John told me that someone (lime green 'dale) almost knocked him over.
I was out of position on the final turn at about 14th wheel and managed to pass a few riders to pick up a 9-spot. One spot out of the trophies.
Once again there was some confusion at the end of the race. The race announcer said "Two laps" and I moved into a great position sitting at 5th wheel heading into the bell lap. As we went past the start/finish, the announcer says "Two laps". As we passed the first turn, we checked up to make sure we heard him right. Sure enough he gave us another lap or read the board wrong. Anyway, during that check up I lost my nice spot and sat around 14th wheel on the final lap.
The cool part of the race was the chip timing by It provided race results, lap times, and average speed. You can view the race results (unofficial) here.
Tomorrow is another backyard race around the Taj Mahal in Chesapeake. Hope my legs can recover quickly.

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