Sunday, August 5, 2007

Plus One

Finished my new commuter/cross pit bike build.

Motobecane Fantom Cross Frameset ($cheap)
Ultegra/Tiagra/Truvativ Components (take-offs)
Shown with cross tires (Schwalbe Marathons for commuting)

$250 total (w/ commuter tires)


chris d said...

That's pretty for cheap!

joshua said...

Very nice. I fully understand your N plus One concept. I have added 2 more to my garage in the past two weeks.

Albe said...

Thanks guys. Yeah, cheap and pretty, that's how I chose my girlfriends back in the day.

Took it on her maiden voyage to work this morning. Rode surprisingly smooth for an aluminum frame.

Amos said...

Albe, you will have to give us a review after you have some miles on the bike. That's a good price for what looks like a decent bike.