Sunday, November 18, 2007

What a Difference a Year Makes

Travel back to November 26 of last year when I did my first cyclocross race at Trashmore. I was riding a 24lbs Specialized HT Stumpjumper. I practically stopped to unclip to dismount and the same for the remount. I got lapped by the leaders and finished 24th out of 31. I remembered every lap hurt.

I had a good time "racing" (racing used very loosely) and could feel the cross juices enter my blood. The best part of the race was taking home a new Specialized S-Works CX frameset that I won in a raffle to benefit Meredith Nicolls.

Present day, November 18, 2007. I'm sporting the bike that I won last year and got a year of road racing under my belt. My fitness had improved since last year at this time and have raced in 9 more cross races since then. This year it was me that got to lap riders instead of being lapped. This year, I got a first row starting position instead of last. This year I finished 5th. The only similar thing from last year's race was that every lap hurt.

My technique still needs help (I still need to "commit" on the remount, learn to shoulder the bike properly and and my barrier jumps suck) and my motor could always use more horsepower but I was content on my placing. I wanted a top 3 but can live with a 5th.

Pic above. Early lap conversation and chuckle with young NCVC rider Brad Kendall on how he let's his younger brother Steven (15) always escape in the races. MABRA racers took all three podium spots with Ken Woodrow (Squadra Coppi) placing 2nd between the Kendall brothers.

Pic below. All those bike runups on the "big" hill at the Trashmore practices really paid off.

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Big props to TriPower for putting on the race. This was the best race so far in the VACX series. Not just because I didn't have to get up at 0'dark thirty to drive 3 hours to race but because the course was fast with a good flow and transition, the vibe at the trashheap was electric and my family got to finally watch me race (where I didn't suck).

2007 VACX Championship Results



Great race Albe!! Next year so have to stop sandbagging and move up to the B's.

Jimmy D said...

Great job Albe!! I see improvement every race. Thanks for the invite to the tent. I just felt like I was gonna puke. Great hanging with you guys.

Joshua said...

Good racing Albe. You looked strong out there. Time to move to the Bs.

MRussell said...

Great race, Great Result.

The white bar tape is key, keep Riding strong.

chris d said...

You were looking strong out there Albe. I think they're all right: It's time for you to move up.