Thursday, December 6, 2007

Macadamia Nuts and other goodies

Since I failed to ride today - it snowed some (a trace) while I'm visiting my mom here in Frednecksburg. I got lazy so my bike and trainer never left my truck. Rather than spinning and sweating on my mom's hardwood floors, I did the next best thing: dropped in a DVD and ate a bunch of chocolate covered macadamia nuts, dried mango and other contraband she smuggled back from her trip to Hawaii and the PI's. Having logged zero miles this week, my legs will either be really fresh at C-ville on Sunday or I'll be dialing up the hurt and get dropped like a bad habit.

Since I was technically working today (isn't telecommuting great), I got tired of doing real work tonight (it's 2am) and played on the blogger. Since I had not been riding, there is absolutely nothing cycling related to write about so I just added some new widgets and thought I'd point out some older widgets while I'm at it.

The new ones are the Archive Calendar (N Minus 1) and the "Are You Feeling Lucky, Punk?" widget. The calendar is just nifty (does anyone say "nifty" anymore - I think it's back, ya know, like it's retro) and it highlights the dates where you have blog entries. Yep, pretty nifty.
The "Are You Feeling Lucky, Punk?" widget is a spin off of the Google search tool "Feeling Lucky". Nothing too exciting on this widget (not as nifty) as it will randomly display one of your past posts.
The above widgets are courtesy of
Then there's the Sitemeter widget. Adding this was part of the contractual obligations to (terms and conditions of the contract are undisclosed).
Go to and install one on your blog. My sitemeter is located at the bottom of the page and is different from GamJams. It's a great resource to see your traffic. I just like use it to see who reads my blog, how they got to my site, their location (and IP) and how long they stayed on the site. I also run Google Analytics and that shows basically the same info but with better trending tools - nothing that I would use anyway.
The other widgets are site feeds that have been on the blog for awhile. These come in handy so I can catch the latest headlines/blog entries without going to the site.

Hopefully my next post will be a race report and not another post on eating chocolate. Unfortunately, that's the last race until the spring road racing starts (unless I do some of the winter WCCX series in Jan).

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GamJams said...

You might feel better about your unscheduled day off if you just focus on being the best damn macadamia nut eater in the state. Work on chewing circles, and do some intervals where you cram 6 or even 7 or 8 nuts into your mouth at once.