Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Vah Beach Approves Cycling Safety Resolution

It's a good step towards safer roads.
Ed's note: Read the stupid comments at the end of the column to get your blood boiling such as this typical one: "Face it! You are NOT Lance Armstrong. I'm sure if you hit a top speed of 25mph it will only be for a few seconds before your spandex squeezed lungs will let you know you shouldn't have eaten that other donut.")

In other VA cycling related politics, check out the latest on HB 855:

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I have no idea why people would get so upset about something as trivial as this. Yes, it is a big deal for people that ride bikes, but to the average citizen, why would they care at all. The money will probably never be in the budget to do these improvements, but at least the city is recognizing that there are other forms of transport than cars.