Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Book of the Month Club

Book review coming soon...

Buy it at Velogear.com

The book is written by a long time roadie/racer turned events announcer. This book gives a humorous insight to the inner-world of the roadie's mind, habits (think shaving legs), training and bikes (why so many?). This book will help your (spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, co-worker, neighbor, dog, etc) understand the facination we have of riding our bike in a circle at 30+ mph.

After finishing just the first chapter, I already told Mrs. nPlusOne that this IS a must read for her.

My favorite line so far in chapter 2 (The Bike) reads:
"Most roadies have differnt types of bikes to suit the many differnt styles of riding. They choose which bike they ride based on the type of race or training ride they are going to tackle. Most roadies believe that the ideal number of bikes to own is one more than they currently own."

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