Monday, May 19, 2008

Fat Cyclist

Most of you have seen the Fat Cyclist blog on other sites (,, but if it reaches out to one more person, then it's worth taking 5 mins for this entry.

A cyclist ( is documenting his wife's battle with cancer and his personal story on his blog. Read about it here:

While your at the site, check out the TwinSix jersey that he is selling to help raise funds for his wife's battle.

I ordered one today.


DCVelobella said...

Thanks for sharing, first time I saw this blog was on Drunk Cyclist. I ordered the pink jersey and 2 pair of pink socks!

KMAX said...

Yeah, I ordered one last year, though it's a bit short. Kind of a belly shirt or whatever. At this point though he's pretty much all out! Pretty crazy how fast they all went.