Sunday, March 18, 2007

1st Race of Truth

A Time Trial or TT (aka The Race of Truth). The truth caught up to me around the 50 minute mark or around mile 18.
After a short tour of downtown Suffolk and asking the locals how to get to the White Marsh Rd ("ya go dan dis road here and hang a riiight at the Feather 'n Fin"), I finally made it at the race start around 710a to help setup.
Even with getting there almost 3 HOURS BEFORE my start time, I ran out of time. I barely got 10 minutes on the trainer. I spent more time in the port-o-john lines than I did on the trainer. I didn't worry about it too much because I knew we had a nice tailwind so I could get my legs loose on the way down.
My start time was 9:54 and within the first 4 miles I pass the rider ahead of me and the next mile I pass the rider 2 minutes infront of me. I was taking it somewhat easy at an average of 25. I'm thinking I must be doing pretty good until JB passes me around mile 8 and he's clicking by. I get a little more motivated and pick it up a bit.
I get to the turnaround and had to unclip to get around the hairpin turn (I later went down to help out at the turnaround and noticed the dozens of skid marks). I give a wave to Pete and take a drink. (I piddled around for a few seconds and those few seconds cost me 2 places.)
The easy 20km that I just completed turned into hell. Time to face the truth time. I'm in the big ring mashing. I drop to the small ring and start spinning. The winds were all over the place and I could barely keep a line. I remained in my aerobars but got out of the saddle for a few sprints to give my back a rest. It was at that time that I realized I forgot my motrin this morning as my lower back started to feel it a bit. Around mile 16 another rider passed me. This gave me more incentive to stop spinning and pick up the pace. For the next 2 miles I keep him within 50 yards determined not to let him go. Then "The Truth" hits. I see a slight uphill (more of an incline) but with the straight headwind. I'm in my 39 and 17 or 18 just spinning to get up and over. That's when I realized I'm not in 40km TT shape.
From mile 18-23 it was all hurt. When I realized I was towards the end I put it back in the big ring and gave it all.
I ended up with 1:17:06 and 37 out of 51 (5 seconds seperated me and the 35th place). Steven finished 3rd with a 1:06 (winner had a 1:02). Joe, Henderson, Brown, Mr B and Chris all were top 25.
The next TT is the canal which is only a 12 mile loop and on my training route. The next 40km (PT #1 - #3) begin in June. We'll see how the Truth is told at that race.

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JB said...


I think I saw someone takinh photos too, but dn;t know who it was. Thanks for the comment. I think it was nuch closer to the turn around that I caught you. I saw you out there for a good while, it took a long time to reel you in. I know coming back just after the TA I only had 1-200 yards or so on ya.

That wind was relentless. See you at the next races!