Sunday, March 25, 2007

Birthday Weekend

It wasn't exactly my birthday yet (it's Tuesday the 27th), but I had a pretty good weekend.
Saturday started with the usual Saturday morning ride and with the nice weather and the season just kicking off, it was to be a hammerfest. I decided to take the Team Issue out after just upgrading the drivetrain to DA. Everything shifted fine but within the first few miles up to the meet up spot, I noticed a stiff link in my chain. I had a few minutes while until the group got there and tried to wiggle it side to side and up and down to loosen the link. Didn't help. I rode 3/4 of the hammerfest with the annoying click, click, click and ghost shifting. I used this excuse to suck everyone's wheel and sit in the back so they would have to listen to it. Somewhere around 25-30 miles in the ride, it worked itself loose and no more clicking or ghost shifting. Finally, I was able to get off the back and help out with some pulls. Unfortunately at this time, the lead group is now hitting 25-26 consistently and people are falling off the back. I managed to hang on until the end of Shileleigh.
Saturday afternoon was the seafood fest. Crab legs (3.99 at Harris Teeter), shrimp, scallops, clams and beer. Family and friends came over to help me celebrate in low key fashion. I scored on a gift certificate from AAB too. Bonus. (Now I know how Mr. B knew it was my 40th when I dropped off the doughnuts at the shop)
Sunday morning I headed out to the Dismal Swamp Trail to preride next week's time trial. When I left the house there was no wind but as I got down to the trail it picked up out of the north at about 10-15. The ride down (started my time at mp2) was eerily similar to last week's Dismal Dash. I averaged about 24/25 and hit 31 at the slight downhill and open space a mile before the turnaround. The ride back was exactly like last week. I attempted to keep 20 but was difficult in the section where there was no wind protection. I ended up doing 12 miles in 32:30 and averaged 22.1. I expect next week's winners will be sub 30.
Sunday afternoon I picked up another bike. Ok, it wasn't exactly for me and is technically a tricycle. That little girl has got her daddy wrapped around her little finger. We'll start working on her base miles up and down the driveway as the weather warms up and as she gets use to the pedals.
I'm taking off the next couple of days and expect to get some base miles/recovery ride in Monday.

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