Saturday, March 31, 2007

Demoralized by the Canal

Once again, I get to the race site (5 miles from the house) 2 hours before my start time and I still don't get in a good warmup. I did set up the trainer next to Joe and he was jammin' some club tunes out of the Honda.
As far as the team did, Skinny Steve got a 6th, Joe 11th and just out of the points (16th) was Chris K. and his phat new Orbea TT bike. Chris G ( Mr. white shorts) had a top 20 and Brownie and I were top 25. In the 4s, Speedy Mike L got a 4th place and Shawn was happy to just beat Amos. Mitch scored a top 15.
I rode with the HR monitor today. After the 1st quarter mile I look down and my HR is 205! My "max" is 180. I sprinted out of the gate at 28 and finally settled down. Going out into the minimal headwind I managed to keep 21/22 thinking that I could shoot up to 25 on the way back. That didn't happen. My legs felt dead today. My legs couldn't push it. I'd get up to 24 and tried to maintain.
I finished with a 32:03 and a 22nd (out of 50).
I'm not sure if my new wheel cover helped - but it looked cool. Also, I need to work on my positioning. I may be too bunched up in the torso which may be effecting my breathing. Also, I just read an article by tri hottie Jessi Stensland ( on having a flat back. I'll start tweaking my position for the next TT (PLT #1 in June).
Tomorrow is the Townebank Crit at Langley Speedway. I liked that race last year but there were only 25 in the field. The 5 race was at 48 when online registration closed. That could get a little hairy but it's a wide track. Hopefully there will be less carnage than the Snowball Crit earlier in the season.

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