Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pungo Death Ride

My wife actually talked me into doing a ride Tuesday. I think she said, "you know you only have like 5 weeks until THAT cross race you keep talking about." (referring to the IronCross).
So I hit the Tuesday niter. Good to see Fat Frogs well represented as well as the usual faces.
Used the IBike powermeter again. You'll see the speed go from 20 to 30 about 25 minutes into the ride for about 5 minutes then my speed go back to the low 20s. That's where I was OTB and rode the remainder of the ride with Kitchins and 2 other guys. Got the 35 miles in with some daylight left.

Started my running today for cross season and the Cape Henry Du. Now I remember why I took up biking and quit running.



Running does suck.
For cross I would run up stairs or small hills, b/c that is what most of the run ups consist of.

chris d said...

Cool new toy.
And I love to run. Glad to hear your Ironcrossing.