Sunday, August 26, 2007

What Was I Thinking?

Now that the race season is over for me, I decided to do "other" things with my Saturday mornings rather than hit the group ride. Also, I'm forcing myself for some time off the bike too. Fortunately there was a 3' swell going on so I threw the longboard on top and hit 79th street. (I came very close to packing the cx bike too just to do some runs at Seashore but I'm committed to taking time off)
Passed a few riders on Shore Dr and calculated I would have already had in 20-25 miles at this time on the group ride (at 0815).
Found a close spot on 79th and jumped in the water. There was a swell but the tide was still high and the direct E swell made for closeouts galore. A few nice sets rolled in and was able to catch some on the outside before they closed out.
About 1 hour of doing other things, I decided I had enough and packed up and headed home.
Around 1:00, I was having withdrawals and had to go for a ride. After all I had a good excuse, I was trying out a new toy Don let me demo. I finally had some time to put on the iBike Pro and give it a test run. I headed out to the Great Dismal Swamp trail for a quick spin.
What was I thinking? When I got to the trail, the heat was on.

I only did the out and back of 17 miles and that was enough. The heat was dreadful.

It took me awhile to get the iBike calibrated but finally got it working and was able to download my ride. Pretty cool stuff if I knew what "training with power" means. I'll need to do some reading in this offseason.


Amos said...

How does the iBike Pro work? Is there a special crank?

Me said...

No crank or hub like the other power meters. It's an 'over-sized' cyclocomputer and just as easy to install (calibrating it is another thing). Just the base unit on your bars and a wire sensor on your front wheel. This more or less calculates your wattage based on a few baselines you enter. I'm not sure how accurate it is because I have never trained with any other power meter before.
Here's more info: