Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Trashmore Craziness

Checked out the Tuesday cross "practice" that Crazy and K-dog set up. About a dozen folks showed up including Brownie and Shawn from the team as well as the boys of VBW and Chris, Tim and a few other TP guys. I told Brownie before we started, "at least this won't hurt as bad as the Pungo Death rides on Tuesdays." That was 100% WRONG. Crazy spurted out the route - run up this big hill, ride down the hill, zig-zag climb up the small up stairs....jump the barriers...repeat. Basically it was last year's cross route but added in the big hill run-up. Nothing like starting out with a run-up on the big hill for a warmup. GB Tuesday rides got nothing on this.

It was a good ride as I worked on my poor dismounting and remounting skills. I almost ate the barriers once when I couldn't unclip my left foot and missed my seat twice on remounts. I also realized that 3 weeks off of any serious training has taken it's toll.

Thanks to Tripower for opening this up to other teams and getting the approval from the city to let us ride around the park.

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Kevin said...

Good to have you out there! Keep on comin out and dialing in some skills... It is a great workout. Try doing Tuesday and Thursday, that's tough. I love the fact that we all can check our team jerseys at the gate and all just ride...