Sunday, October 28, 2007

2 X 2 Part 2

Another double-shot X 2 weekend - this time in Richmond.
Raced 35+ and C races @ the muddy Chimborazo Saturday and the same races on Sunday at drier Bryan Park for the Ciclismo race.
Race results
10th 35+ (sounds great, huh, but there were only 12 in my category)
7th or 8th in the C race (out of 23-25)
10th 35+ (woo-hoo, another top 10 - who cares if there were only 12 with one DNF)
8th in the C race (~24 starting)

Due to weather, traffic and wrong directions (damn you google), I made it to the first race with 20 minutes before the start. I had enough time to register, get pinned up and roll to the line. No pre-ride or warmup for me. It was muddy and didn't know what to expect of the course. I almost lost it on the first downhill muddy run and again on the cobble transition after the singletrack. I thought I could take the 1st lap as warmup but there was no rest or recovery on this course. After making it thru the muddy bottom section, you were rewarded with a stair climb only to remount to do another steep climb, 180 turn, then another climb to the top, grassy section. 45 minutes of the bottom section alone was grueling. I managed to stay upright (although it was sketchy at times) and was not DFL.
Cyclochris rode strong and is about to go +1 on me.

The C race, I got a decent start and was 6th for the majority of the race. There was a huge gap between the top 8 riders and the rest of the field after a few laps. Amos flatted right at the pit and threw on my spare front (watch the video). Unfortunately, the brake pads were not correctly setup for the spare and he rode the rest of the race with no front brakes. He lost a few positions messing in the pit but soon caught me and regained his position. On the last lap, I dropped a chain on the singletrack section then ran out of gas on the final climb. I got passed by 2 rider on the last section. Ugh, I hate that.

Photos courtesy of JB. See his full Chimbo gallery here.

Video courtesy of Joe Younkin

Made it up to Bryan Park with 1 hour before the race. Had plenty of time to warmup and preride the course. Fast and flat, big ring style. The grassy section was a bit soggy in the morning but hardened up by the afternoon race.
The master's race was fast. On the first lap pavement section, I had nobody to work with and saw the field rocket away never to be seen again. I was OTB. I hate that.
In the C race, I had a horrible start as I missed my pedal on the clip-in and fell to 15th wheel. I passed a few people on the grassy section then I got on Braden's wheel as we worked together on the fast pavement section to gobble up more spots. I came around the first lap in 9th and held that until I passed one of the NVCV riders on the next lap to finish 8th. I made a feeble attempt to bridge up to Braden but he had about 15 seconds on me the last lap and my legs said NO.

Overall it was another fun weekend of racing and hangin out with teammates and the 757 CX crew. With the family coming back to town in a few days, my weekend long travel adventures will come to an abrupt halt. Next race on the calendar is a few exits away at Trashmore then back to C-ville in December. I may try to sneak in the Reston race inbetween them.


Amos said...

Nice job in the C race at Bryan park.

Jimmy D said...
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Jimmy D said...

You looked strong all weekend Albe, good job.

chris d said...

Great racing Albe. Nice to see you out there. Cool vid from Joe too.

Joshua said...

Good weekend. See you at Velocity tonight.

JB said...

That's a heck of a double double.

well done