Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Be A GamJams Ambassador

Mike May, creator of - the blog of blogs for the VA, MD, DC (VCA and D20) racing scene has put together a package to be an "Ambassador for". Check out the details here:
Basically, if race and blog about it, Mike will hook you up with some swag from sponsor deals to try out products and blog about it. Maybe it's a wheelset or just bar tape - who knows - but its a way of communicate what you like or dislike about cycling products. If you're like me and have have Velonews Tech Talk bookmarked, can tell the difference between Santa Claus and Sheldon Brown and drool over bike porn then this might be up you're alley.
So if you race (if you're reading this then chances are you do), have a blog that gets updated regularly and are interested in cycling products then check out Mike's site.

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