Monday, December 17, 2007

All Work and No Play

It's been 72 hours (and counting) since my butt has been on a saddle and it's making me feel like "Jack".

Granted it's been blowing gale force winds and rained (another similarity to the movie except the rain is snow). My new neighbor has a limp similar to "Scatman Crothers". I couldn't even get myself to take a few circles around the block - just like the little kid did on his Big Wheel doing laps in the Overlook Hotel.

With the holidays coming up, my riding opportunities will greatly decrease. I guess I'll treat this as some forced off-bike time.
Then it will be time to make my reappearence.


John Gray said...

Albe, here is my email.For sunday ride info.

Joshua said...

There are always trainers and its never windy or rainy in the garage.


What is all the whining about.
There was a ride Sunday in the wind, I was there. Where were you?