Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Random Articles - One Even Cycling Related

I thought Virginia is For Lovers?
It's only been 3 years but VA is back in the news with a bill that is being proposed in Richmond. Remember the "droopy drawers" bill that got national attention a few years back that VA tried to pass? Now we have the "balls" to hit some drivers where it hurts. Read about it.

More Bike Lanes (just not on my route)
1/2 around the world (at least from me), read how a city in a 3rd world country has more bike lanes than my city and it's getting more - (link to story). Great to see it too. Traveling by roads in the PI is a like combination of a Nascar race and NY City cabbies.

Make that a double
Cloned Animals Are Safe for U.S. Food, Agency Says

I'll have to wonder about those "2 For 1" deals at my local "Ghetto Cat" store. But it's good to see the my local bacon supplier in Smithfield is holding off on cloned swine.

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