Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yoga! Yoga! Yoga!

After suffering from a Grade 1 (minor) hamstring pull the other night at Velocity training (pic courtesy of KH) while attempting to outsprint a CAT 3 BAR Winner (ok - so it was off the bike), I decided to rethink my need to increase my overall body flexibility.
Prior to cycling, I only did strength training by putting as much weight on a bar and push, press, squat or curl. Stretching and flexibility were for those in lycra. Well, those 350# bench-presses are long gone and I wear more lycra than dress shirts these days. I have read how more and more cyclists use yoga as part of their training program. Same as surfers/skaters to increase their balance and traditional sports (baseball, football) athletes use yoga as part of their training.

So I just ordered this book and will hit some yoga classes at the Y. I'll post a followup after a few sessions.


Joshua said...

My wife does yoga now on Saturday mornings. I was thinking of joining her if I finished my ride before 10:30.

KMAX said...

Did my first yoga class last week and I think I'm hooked. Haven't felt that relaxed and stretched in a long time. I was hoping for a bit more of a core workout from it, though that'll probably come as I advance in the classes. The stretching alone though is worth it in my eyes.