Wednesday, March 12, 2008


1. Identify the owner of the legs (10 points)
Hint #1: Check out the Post Title again (here, kitty, kitty, kitty, here....).
Hint #2: It's NOT about having good hair (but very close).

2. Identify the brew (25 points).


Ken said...

Don't know the legs, but I think the beer is Trappist Achel.

Albe said...

The Bier is indeed Trappist Achel - good job.

Stormyva said...

Isn't that kind of like beer sacrilege.... not having that beer in the proper glass to enjoy properly :)
No idea on the legs, but they sure are nice. (Hopefully why wife doesnt see this!)

Kyle Jones said...

Another hint you can give is that she has more than nice legs.

Stormyva said...

Ahhh... maybe Mandy?

GamJams said...

Given the title of the post as a hint, and my knowledge that Kyle trolls the internet in search of hot cyclist chick pictures, I'm going to guess VanderKitten's Liz Hatch.

Albe said...

This was TOO easy.
Stormy - Very close - got the right team but see my hint - NOT About The Hair. And those legs could pass for Mandy's.
Congrats on Ken on identifying the bier. Yes it is Trappist Achel.
And to Mike for naming the cyclists (with the leadout going to Kyle).
And Liz has approved of me sharing her pic with us east coast cyclists.

Jennifer Shockley said...

Nice legs, Albe, I think those are smoother than mine :) Est Trappist Achel, Bruin Bier, das gut ya, mine Deutch est nicht zo gut :) I've missed ya on your bike.... Later :)