Monday, December 1, 2008

Trashmore State CX Championships

Six inches of mud on downhills, long grinds on a soggy uphill climb, mud in you eyes and agonizing slick run-ups. Gotta love this year's Trashmore's State Cross race. Epic.

What's not to smile about?

A few shots courtesy of BJ. See the rest of her photos here.

Last two pics courtesy of Jeni.

The unofficial post-ride bike wash area. Photo courtesy of McSilly.

Thanks to Tripower for putting up an excellent race this year and to Carol and Lynn for the bottle hand-ups. Thanks to my Crank Bros pedals for always clearing mud for my cleats to engage.
A very special thanks to my wife for getting the "Gumby suit" spotless after a few washes.


Nicole said...

Nice Pics!! Looks like crazy fun!

G├╝ero said...

Looks like you had a good time and placed well too-- now you need to get Mr. B in one of those green skinsuits- nice job, man!