Friday, December 28, 2007

Fun With a Helmet Cam

Santa brought me one of these for Christmas.

Finally got around to messing with it and took it out for a few spins on my "Tour de Park" loop. It's a route from my house to around Oak Grove Lake to the Chesapeake Arboretum and back. Depending on how many laps around the lake, the miles can range from 20mi on up.

I ended up doing two 20 mile loops today because my first attempt I had the cam on my helmet and I had it pointing too far down. Great pavement and trail shots of 3' in front of the bike. After my morning ride. I grabbed some lunch and decided to hook the cam up to the handlebar and give it another try. It was almost 60 and it's calling for rain for the next few days so I wanted to get some non-trainer rides in while I can.

I have about 60 minutes of raw footage but youtube will puke if I upload 900,000 KB so I split it up into 2 vids.

The first video is of Oak Grove Lake. The "tagging" in the tunnels and glass on the path to the park is part of the adventure - especially at night. The second track is some old school pre-757 (804) music. Remember hitting The Boathouse and Kings Head Inn to watch these guys?

The next video is of the Chesapeake Arbortem, aka The Mulch Trail.

Thanks for watching. Next time I'll try it in a group ride and it'll definitely be used for some early season practice crits.


Darren said...

use Stage 6 from Divx and you can have your video as long as you want it. Also where are these trails?

Kevin said...

Is stage six free?

Judy and I tear them trails up almost daily!


Wheres the stairs?

Rob said...

Did the Cult play the Kings Head? I think I remember hearing that song at the Body Shop on Hampton Blvd., years ago. I've still got that stuff on vinyl- sweet.

Albe said...

k-dog - I didn't want to be 1-up'd by judster on the stairs so i had to leave the stairs clip on the editing floor.
rob - i meant the 2nd track on the 1st video - you have to sit thru the first 3 mins to get to the second song - it's the waxing poetics.

Andy said...

Albe, Love the Cam, Next Time you are on the mulch trail stop by I right off the trail about 3:20 in your film.


Bscarsella40 said...

Okay, I felt like I had no lie when I was randomly doing google searches. Then I came accross this, you have way too much time on your hands. I was especially amused by the surfing license plate. 20 years later are you still pretending you are/were a surfer? You left out the part about being a surfer from Hawaii. You must be slipping in your old age.

Albe said...

bscasella40 -
You were randomly doing google searches for "my name"? Doesn't sound too random.
Thanks for visiting and spending :30 minutes on my site. Come back again.
How's the weather up in Hastings, MN?

Albe said...

b. scasella? There's no hiding on the internet. How did you end up in MN?
Shoot me an email, Barb. Good to hear from you.